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Financial Literacy

Studies have revealed that financial illiteracy is a major problem in the US. Many people have personal debt and little to no savings. Those who lack financial literacy may benefit from working with a financial advisor in order to create a financial plan for their future. This will allow the individual to protect current assets while planning for retirement.

I have a few tips on how you might improve your finances.

  • Make better-informed and productive everyday money decisions; know your income versus your expenses and stick to a budget. Pay off debt, put savings aside, and plan for retirement.
  • Save time and money by engaging the services of a financial advisor who is known to be an expert in their field. Ask for referrals from family and/or friends and find out about their experiences working with a financial advisor.
  • Set yourself up for financial success. Ensure you are able to reach and maintain your personal financial dreams. Set goals you can meet, but increase these over time as your personal finances improve.
  • Face debt head on and make a plan.
  • Plan for your golden years, for rainy days, and for the unexpected. Leave a legacy for those you love.
  • Be kind to your community; if you are able to give back there’s always someone out there worse off than yourself, whether that’s through the donation of old clothes, nonperishable food items, or monetary donations.

If you have any questions about your personal finances, want to look at ways to plan for your retirement, create a college fund for your children, or create a legacy, speak with me on (217) 679-1043 or email

By Erin Gutzman

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck