Welcome to M.A. Kluemke & Associates! 

M. A. Kluemke & Associates is committed to helping people achieve their financial goals for retirement. As a full-service financial planning firm, we offer a wide range of financial solutions to both individuals and small businesses.  By providing sound financial guidance, you will be better equipped to identify and reach your goals because you are able to make informed decisions.

At M.A. Kluemke & Associates, we recognize that each person has his or her unique set of circumstances regarding their financial situation.  Our aim, through personalized service, is to educate our clients about the basics of financial management so that they can retire comfortably and at the time they choose.

Our organization’s focus is on clients who are nearing or entering retirement. It is important to consider the different phases in your life, which may have an effect on your financial future from your working years to retirement and the legacy you want to leave behind for your loved ones. We know how important it is to continue planning through the retirement years and we are knowledgeable about the challenges and obstacles that people face in this phase of their lives. We are here to help you plan for and achieve your retirement goals.

We also work with clients who are at a phase in their life when they feel the time is right to engage a financial advisor. Whether your life has taken an unexpected turn or you recognize the need to explore financial solutions that best suit you and your family, we can help steer you in the right direction. It’s never too early to plan for your financial future.