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Retirement Planning Today

Because the foundation for our service at M.A. Kluemke & Associates is education, we are pleased to offer our exclusive Retirement Planning Today® classes. These no obligation educational classes are available for individuals and couples age 50 to 70, and are designed to get you thinking about what is or will be important to you in your retirement.

Register for two three hour sessions for only $59 (you can bring a spouse or partner for no additional charge) and you will discover more about planning a secure retirement than most people learn in a lifetime.

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Life Planning for Retirement
  • Retirement Needs & Expenses
  • Retirement Roadblocks & Mistakes
  • Retirement Income Sources
  • Retirement Plan Distributions
  • Investments
  • Risk Management & Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning

Join us to learn about the many ways to save for retirement, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Discover how to save money on taxes, manage your investment risks, and protect your assets from potential long-term health care expenses. Above all, learn how to assess your financial situation and develop a personalized plan to achieve your retirement goals.

In addition to the classes that we put on for the general public, we can put together classes that we can bring to your worksite as a benefit for your employees. We care about the welfare of your employees and we know that by answering some of their retirement questions, you will have a more productive and dedicated staff. Our classes and the way we administer them are flexible so we can easily set something up that fits your schedule and your needs. Call us for details at (217) 679-1043.

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